A unique literary masterpiece richly seasoned with wisdom, humor and inspiration

In his compelling new book Younger and Wiser, Gene S. Jones travels beyond traditional formats to explore the full spectrum of human emotions and experiences. Utilizing pithy vignettes anchored by clever backstories, Younger and Wiser relates the eclectic saga of the author’s fascinating personal odyssey. The result is a mind-expanding reading adventure that expresses heartfelt emotions and life lessons while demonstrating a deep appreciation for humanity’s ability to improve itself. Featuring intimate storytelling and witty humor interspersed with profound wisdom, Younger and Wiser delivers bite-sized nuggets of invaluable insights for readers of all ages.

What People are Saying about Younger and Wiser

“Younger and Wiser is an inspiring collection with mainstream appeal…a groundbreaking style
that helps bridge the gap between eclectic verse and creative memoir.”
– Foreward Clarion Reviews

“Younger and Wiser draws important connections between the poetic form, philosophical thought, and the psychological interplays between life experience, creativity and growth. Readers should expect a wide range of topics, verse that enlightens, and backstory discussions that incorporate self-help approaches into the structure of a memoir. The inspirational, peaceful result is recommended reading for not just poets and self-help readers, but those who enjoy memoirs paired with commentary on life experience and lessons.”
– Diane Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

“Jones’ book is intimate, philosophical, and replete with existential wisdom.”
– Kirkus Reviews

“Inspirational and stunning.”
– Writer’s Digest

“Younger and Wiser offers flashes of genius and profound creative insights into a wide range of subjects.
Jones provides an inspiring window into his soul and a mirror in the reflection of our own.”
– Michael J. Gelb, author of the best-seller  How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci

“The use of backstories is pure genius! This book should be in the self-help section
because it magically helps readers learn so much about themselves.”
– Marcia Blau, LSCW

“Younger and Wiser is a book filled with deeply moving heartfelt beauty.”
– Dan Hurley, The 60-Second Novelist

What an amazing book! It has the most unique format I have ever seen, blending an eclectic mixture of literary styles that are easy to read and digest. This book is a great conversation starter, as it covers so many different topics with humor, wit and compassion. The author brilliantly taps into universal themes that resonate with so many diverse human challenges and emotions. Every page of Younger and Wiser is full of creative stories and profound life lessons. It is truly an inspiring gem.
– Ann/Amazon Reviews

This is a great book. A series of amazing meditative essays disguised as poems, with truly interesting backstories about how and why they were written. The poems and backstories are inspiring and full of wisdom. I’m not normally into poetry, but this is something else.
– Angela Benson/Amazon Reviews

Insightful and thought-provoking at the same time…Gene Jones’  book is a fresh take on so many subjects….subjects most of us don’t focus on, but really should.
– Millie Sz/Amazon Reviews

An inspired reading adventure…a symphony of insights from all parts of the author’s thoughtful lifetime adventure. Gene Jones takes us everywhere in this book…Whether you inhale this book in one reading or sit with it one piece at a time, you will enjoy the journey. It will make you laugh, sigh, see yourself between the lines, and soak up the wisdom!
– MFB/Amazon Reviews

A great read for everyone, but also a valuable tool for other writers.
– William Armitage/Amazon Reviews

What a cool idea brilliantly conceived and executed!
– E.Z. Writer/Amazon Reviews